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What Is a Family Tree?

A family tree is a chart showing the course that each side of a family took to get to the person making the chart. Some of these resemble an actual tree while others are charted in a plainer method, looking somewhat like a good, old-fashioned sentence diagram.

Fun Games For Children and Families

Family time is the perfect way to keep families in good spirits with one another, to create unity, and to teach children to get along with siblings. There is no better way to spend family time with young children than to have a family game night. But

What Is Your Family Life Like?

That is your family life like? Is it happy or full of turmoil? Do your kids get along or are they constantly arguing? Everyone has their own unique family situation. Some are happy and others are not. You can be around some families and they are

What Is a Family?

It is often difficult to define what is a family today. It used to be that a family consisted of a mother, father and one or more blood-related children. You could also go further into the extended family with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. The makeup of

Cheap Family Meals

Today’s families have two major problems, one is that it is often hard to find the time to really sit down to a good healthy meal, and the other is that they are on a budget. Well you can find and make a lot of different cheap

How Can I find My Family?

Many people wonder, how can I find my family? It may be that you want to try to find long lost siblings, biological parents, or even just find your family history. One of the biggest and best tools for finding your family is the internet. However, because

Family Tree for Kids

A good way to show children who they are related to, is to make a family tree for kids. You can draw out the immediate family and whichever of the family members the children know. Make sure to explain the connection between each person listed. This will

7 Mistakes Parents Make When Feeding Their Kids

Remember those quiet dinners for two, with candles on the table and soft music playing in the background?  Yeah, us either.  Seems like a lifetime ago – before IKEA-ware became the tableware of choice and candles became burn hazards/fire danger/one more thing that could get thrown.  After