Cheap Family Meals

Today’s families have two major problems, one is that it is often hard to find the time to really sit down to a good healthy meal, and the other is that they are on a budget. Well you can find and make a lot of different cheap family meals, ones that don’t take much time at all, a half and hour to forty five minutes at the most. There are also ways that you can eat healthy without breaking the bank.

Cheap Family Meals

A lot of people today go out and buy pizza for dinner. This is because it is thought to be inexpensive, it is quick, and has almost four out of the five food groups included. However, let’s say that you have a simple family of four. The parents are going to eat one large pizza, the kids at least a medium. Then you have to consider any sides you may get, as well as drinks. Even if the large is only ten dollars, like may of these restaurants advertise, once you have counted up the medium pizza, the drinks and any extras, you are easily looking at twenty dollars or more.

There are many cheap family meals, one of them is pizza at home. This doesn’t mean those frozen, cardboard rounds with all unnatural fake ingredients. You have a choice of buying either a premade crust, or boxed pizza crust, which cost under a dollar each. Tomato sauce in a can is just about fifty cents each. For toppings you have an kind of topping your heart desires. You can buy cut pepperoni, $3 per package, grated cheese, $2 per package, and sausage you can cook up in twenty minutes. Following the simple directions on the package, the whole pizza takes about the same time as waiting for one to be made at the restaurant. However, this meal, made at home costs you just around ten dollars, and feeds your whole family.

There are many different cheap family meals that are right at your fingertips, and don’t take that long to prepare. Another great family meal that is healthy, cheap and easy to make are homemade soft or hard tacos, as well as burritos. You can use lean ground beef and any toppings you desire.

If you think about cheap family meals, just about anything can be really cheaply, if you buy the ingredients in bulk, and make up a large quantity. Let’s take lasagna for an example. While this meal takes a little bit to prepare, the costs to make a large dinner is much cheaper than going out to an Italian restaurant. You can make a large enough batch, split it in half, serve one half now and the other store in the freezer for another day, one where you want to have a good meal but don’t have the time to prepare it from scratch. You simply thaw the unused portion in the refrigerator overnight, then pop it into the oven for about thirty minutes before dinner.

These are just a couple of the many different cheap family meals you can make at home. There are an abundance of great easy, quick and inexpensive recipes online from an number of different resources. The Kraft website, and Disney Family are just a couple to choose from.

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