Diaper Bag Essentials for Traveling with Twins

Diaper Bag Packing for Twins – Double Up on the Essentials

New parents find out fast just how important it is to have a well stocked diaper bag. When you go out for a day on the town with your baby, you’ve got to be prepared. Parents who are going out with multiples, either twins or two little ones that are close in age, need to be doubly prepared. When you have twins life can be complicated enough, having the right supplies in your diaper bag makes all the difference in the world.

Diaper Bag Essentials for Traveling with Twins

Don’t Over-pack

I have done this so many times before; in an effort to prepare for any type of circumstance I ended up packing up everything, including the kitchen sink. When you stuff in everything you can think of in your diaper bag it’s too easy to get disorganized. When you have a dozen diapers, a box of wipes, multiple toys, 4 changes of clothes, a compass, a Swiss army knife, and… OK you get the picture, don’t pack too much or you won’t be able to find what you need when you need it.

Double the Love – Double the Packing

Packing a diaper bag for twins is easy if you take an organized approach. Here is a sample list of essentials that you will need to take. Remember to multiply everything by two, since you’re packing for twins.

Diaper Bag Essentials:

  • Diapers – plan for how long you’ll be out and add a few extras to make sure you’re covered.
  • Wipes –don’t pack a huge box of wipes. Get a thin wipe box or store a small stack in a zip lock baggie.
  • A change of clothes for each baby.Include socks, onesies, shirts and pants. It’s a good idea to always have a few extra onesies.
  • A change of clothes for yourself. Accidents happen and they often happen all over mom or dad. Keep a t-shirt, and sweats rolled up in the diaper bag – just in case.
  • Bottles, formula, snacks and a bottle of water.Make sure you have enough food to keep your babies satisfied while you are out. The bottle of water will help when you can’t find a water fountain or sink in a pinch.
  • Pacifiers, toys, books. You know the little things that keep your babies entertained. Take along a small sampling of things to keep them amused and distracted during the stressful times.

Those are the essential items you need to pack in your twins’ diaper bag. Remember to multiply everything by two and avoid the temptation to bring everything imaginable. A few other things you may want to stuff into your diaper bag are: baby sunscreen, a hat for baby and a few wash clothes and bibs.

Take the time to have your diaper bag packed before you go anywhere. If you have a morning trip planned, take a few minutes the night before to plan and pack your diaper bag accordingly. Make sure you have your double twin stroller in the car and all the extras you’ll need. Traveling with twins doesn’t have to be hectic, just take a little extra time to pack everything times two.


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