Important Baby Safety Care Tips That No Parent Should Overlook

Baby safetyIsn’t your baby the cutest! You promised your baby complete safety when you brought him into this world. Even so, are you confused about how to go about your baby’s safety? Your baby is your most precious person in this world. And he is totally dependent on you for survival. So read on and find out how you can become a more conscientious parent.

Baby safety And You — Areas of Focus:

You want to protect your baby from untoward harm at all costs. The most important factors that you cannot overlook are your baby’s crib, stroller, his car travel arrangements, and his sleep issues. Some key points listed for you…

Baby Crib Safety – ways to protect your infant:

Your infant spends most of his time in his crib. Your everyday duties often take you away from your baby. But you need to make sure his crib is safe. According to US Consumer Product Safety Commission, you should do the following:

  • Always place your infant on his/her back with his feet towards the foot of his crib. Do not use pillows, comforters, bumper pads, or stuffed toys in your infant’s crib.
  • Use a snug fitting mattress, or a blanket. Or your baby can get trapped between his mattress and the crib.
  • Make sure his blanket does not reach beyond his chest or he might suffocate.
  • Avoid any loose or missing crib parts. Your baby could choke on them.
  • The gap between two slats on your baby’s crib should not be more than 2 3/8 inches. This way his body will not accidentally get stuck in between the slats.
  • The crib should not have corner posts that reach above 1/16th inch. This way your baby’s clothes aren’t caught in the posts.
  • The headboard and footboard on your baby’s crib should be solid, without cutouts. Or your baby’s fingers may get caught in it hurting him.
  • If you use a mesh, make sure it is not more than1/4 inch in size. It should not have any tear, so that the buttons on your baby’s clothes are not caught it the gaps. You should attach it securely to the crib.

Baby Car Safety Measures – Travel Precautions:

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention adequate car safety measures cuts the death risk due to accident by 71% in case of babies. Follow safety guidelines:

  • Use proper car seats commercially available. Make sure it is firmly fitted with your car seat.
  • Use rear facing car seats exclusively meant for babies below 2 years. Shift to forwards facing car seats only after your child grows into a toddler.
  • Give your car safety seat regular checkups at the maintenance center.
  • Once your child outgrows his car seat, replace it immediately. If your child’s weight is more than what the car seat can support, get a new one.
  • If you place your child’s car seat in the backseat of your car, make sure to turn around and check on your baby frequently. But concentrate on the road as well!

Baby Sleep Issues – Things You Need To Know:

Make your child’s naptime safe…

  • Don’t place distracting toys in your baby’s crib while putting him to sleep. There is a chance that your baby may choke on it while sleeping.
  • Don’t wrap your child with extra blankets while sleeping. Your child might suffocate in his sleep.
  • Make sure your baby does not bang his head on the headboard while sleeping. It is best to allow some head space for your baby. You can also cover the headboard with soft padding, but make sure you fit it snugly. If not your baby might pull it free and choke on it.

Now you know the top baby safety tips. Keep your baby safe, always!

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