What You Need To Know About Marriage Conflicts and Children

Are you often having bouts with your partner? You may be unaware but your children may be hearing you argue like barking dogs fighting over a piece of bone. Whatever your children see and hear affect their development and influence their way of thought. Small misunderstandings need to be settled the soonest possible time since they may turn into conflicts that can affect both couple and even children.

Broken Families

Today there are many cases of broken families. Most of these are due to the emotional immaturity on both partners. If you, the parents, are not mature enough, how can your children have a role model of wisdom and maturity? The worst thing that can happen in a family is when you decide to divorce because you can’t handle the conflicts anymore.

The Effects of Marital Conflicts to Your Children

Who are affected by marriage conflicts? Aside from you and your partner, your children are greatly affected by such destructive situation. Children seek comfort from their parents and need their presence during their developmental years. When they see you fight, it may be a painful sight for them to witness how their loved ones hurt each other with cursing words.

Marriage Conflicts and Children


Such situation may cause emotional disturbances to your children. This is a stressful situation for them. They may not be able to perform well in school and have developmental problems due to a troubled family relationship that you and your partner established.

Children from a Healthy Family Relationship

Studies show that children from good families are healthier and are able to perform academically in schools. This is because these children are raised up in a home that is free from unnecessary stress brought about by a troubled marital relationship. This is why it is important that whatever conflicts between you and your wife or husband must be settled in the soonest possible time.

You must understand that you are not the only ones affected by these conflicts. Your children are your responsibility. Being responsible parents means providing a home for your children to grow to be healthy individuals.

Marriage Counseling

You may think that it is impossible to settle the conflicts you have with your partner. This is because you have allowed these to be repressed than bringing them up to be talked about and settled. Open communication is vital in every relationship. If you keep the hurts within you, you may flare up and ignite a conflict in the future.

Today, experts in marriage counseling can offer you services that may help you in dealing with conflicts. Through therapies such as open communication and settling conflicts, you may regain the love and trust that have long been overshadowed by marital problems. However, you can find counselors among your friends and your parents. Someone who is outside of your situation who can share with their time and wisdom can help you in dealing with the problems of marriage.

If you seek for counseling or when you do efforts to save your relationship, you are also saving your children from undue stress and threats to their normal development.

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