A New-Mom’s Guide to First Week Child Care

Kết quả hình ảnh cho A New-Mom’s Guide to First Week Child Care


Just imagine… you are now away from the hospital, the caring doctors and nurses, and you have your little baby in your arms looking up at you with adorable, big eyes! It is a huge responsibility and yes it is daunting and overwhelming! But there is no way that you can give up in that situation. The baby will require you almost every moment then on and you must be ready! But how will you soothe your little darling, if you are clueless about what is causing the trouble? Find out all about first week baby care, now!

What Health troubles should you be aware of in the first week?

Your baby may undergo the following health disorders in the first week:

  • The normal health problems that your baby may suffer from are – baby rashes, dry-flaky skin, periodic breathing or acrocyanosis where the baby’s hand and feet turn blue due to immature circulatory system.
  • Reflux or spitting up is common and normal condition until it affects the baby’s weight and upsets him/her.
  • Neo-natal jaundice is a major concern and affects over half of the newborns. It will go away without treatment but may require phototherapy if reaches high level.
  • Watch out if the baby is losing more than 10% of her weight, because it could indicate that she is not eating sufficiently.
  • In the baby’s first week infections are common, watch out for the symptoms like fever, irritability, too much sleeping, vomiting and troubled breathing!
  • Sometimes your baby may cry after feeding; this could be due to gas or colic pain. Medicines are available but get the green signal from your doctor before giving it to her.

Other simple factors that can make your baby cry…

  • Hunger- learn the symptoms like fussing or putting their hand in the mouth, so that she can be fed on time and consequently stopped from crying.
  • Dirty Diaper- check out her diaper for this may be the cause of her discomfort.
  • Requirement of sleep- the babies actually face trouble getting into a definite and proper sleep routine easily and cry because of tiredness.
  • Feeling of too High or Low Temperature- at the time of changing the diaper he may feel a bit chilly and reversely, if you put on too many layers of covering she may feel hot and this can cause her to cry.
  • A burp- She may require to be burped a little to bring out any air swallowed during feeding.
  • Want of more or less stimulation- She could either be too tired of too many people, lights, noise and being passed from one hand to another or she could be demanding more of it.
  • Any very small issue- it can range from an itchy fabric to the position she is being held for feeding or even a small hair wrapped around her toes or fingers that is annoying her.

Now, that you know these things you will find handling your newborn far easier. It is very important for both of you to get a strong bonding as quickly as possible. Let the journey begin from week one only!

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