Babies are such precious gifts that need to be protected as much as possible which is why mothers always look for products that are safe and comfortable for their babies. When a mother has two babies whose ages are not that far apart a dual stroller is what they should look for. There are lots of strollers on the market but few can rival the Bob strollers when it comes to safety, comfort and ease of use.

When it comes to finding a double stroller for twins, you cannot go wrong with the Bob Revolution SE. This professionally designed stroller has a host of features that will make any mom and baby happy.

What to expect from this Bob Revolution Baby Stroller?

Babies get to sit on comfortable padded seats shielded from the weather by canopies with peekaboo windows.

The windows allow your babies to take in the surroundings as you jog and they are kept safely strapped in their seats. The five-point harness enables you to adjust the tension as the babies keep growing.

Key features

The Bob double jogging stroller has the following unique features:

  • A 12.5’’ front swivel wheel with a forward lock which makes maneuvering the wheel easy when jogging and steering it through rough terrains.
  • The frame is made of strong but lightweight Aluminum and chrome. The frame folds easily too.
  • A high-tech suspension system ensures that the baby has a smoother ride. It is also adjustable to make the babies feel more comfortable.
  • The well padded seats are made of fabrics that have water repellant coats and are easy to wash. What’s more, they also come with a 5 point harness to keep your baby safe.
  • The storage spaces in the stroller can be found inside, under and at the back of the seat. This is convenient for mothers to keep essentials with them when they go out for a walk or a jog with babies.
  • The wheels are made of a high-impact polymer composite. The tires have a pneumatic tube and are equipped with a cartridge with sealed ball bearing that enables quick release.
  • The stroller fits through most standard sized doors with ease. It will fit through any standard size door.
  • The double stroller for infant and toddler can easily carry 50 pounds, which means your children will not outgrow it any soon.
  • There are accessories that you can attach with the built-in adapter like snack trays and cup holders. The adapter also makes car attachments easy.
  • The manufacturers of this stroller have provided a 5-year limited warranty for the frame and a 1-year warranty for small parts and the fabric.


The double Bob stroller has several unique features that are functional and convenient to have:

The adjustable canopies protect babies from the elements and come equipped with large slits so you can keep an eye on them. The pneumatic wheels and the suspension system make for a smooth and comfortable ride.

The handlebar is padded and has a wrist strap to help secure the stroller while jogging. There’ is a foot activated braking system that secures the stroller in place when stopped.  The seats are padded and are rigged with a 5-point harness for ultimate comfort and security.

The Bob duallie is easy to push and it turns easily.

Riding is made pleasurable by the shock absorbing suspension, which keeps the baby comfortable even in rough terrain. There are numerous pockets around the seats that mothers can use to put essential items to take with them on their jog.


The stroller is big, it does not fold as easily as you would expect. It does not fit in a standard sized car trunk. The fold is also heavy and can be challenging to carry at times. It has a three part folding mechanism, which can be tedious because it requires the use of both hands. When the children cannot sit on their own unassisted, it becomes a real problem.

The handlebars are not adjustable, so this could be a deal breaker if you are quite tall.

What Customers are saying about this product?

Several Bob customer’s reviews confirm that mothers who enjoy jogging and taking their babies outside have a lot of positive things to say about it. It is functional and one of the best double jogging stroller in its class.  Functionality is limited however and there is lot that could have been done to make it a more luxurious stroller. For what it’s worth customers who need a twin seater stroller will love BOB Revolution SE Duallie.


BOB Revolution SE has gained a reputation for itself on the market as the best for moms with twins. It is a great stroller if you are looking to take your babies on your run.