This product is the best stroller for twins or two small children. The things you need to think about when you are planning for the arrival of your baby beside the cots and everything else you will need in the house are things that you will need when you get out of the house.

Being a mom should not limit your life, it should enhance it so, you need to think about getting a new stroller that is not only functional but also stylish and easy to use like the Britax stroller.

What to expect from best stroller for twins ?

It is a fairly inexpensive twin stroller that is easy for parents to push, and cozy for children. It offers great value for its price and has all the right makings of a product that is pleasure to use.

Key features

Here are some striking features of the versatile B-Agile side by side stroller:

  • The on-the-go easy travel system has easy click and go connectors that will save you the time you might have to spend connecting and disconnecting a typical stroller.
  • A sturdy lightweight aluminum that has a quick fold and auto-lock system.
  • Adjustable handlebar to suit your needs.
  • Not too bulky and fits through standard doorways.
  • Plenty of storage space underneath the seats and along the back.
  • It is designed with dual canopies that can be drawn down to protect your child from harmful exposure to the sun. The canopies also have mesh inlets that keep the baby ventilated on hot days.
  • Safety is an important feature. This stroller has a five-point harness to strap your babies into their seats. The seats are padded for comfort and there is a heat pad with reflective binding that you can use.
  • The seats can easily be adjusted to recline for greater comfort.
  • A breaking system that is easy to engage as well as an all wheel suspension system that makes riding in rough terrain less bumpy.

Who is this standard product for?

The baby stroller is designed for mothers who are on the go and those who like to take their children outside whenever they get the chance. It is suitable for newborn babies and kids that weigh less than 50 pounds.

best stroller for twins


The B-Agile has a large under seat storage compartment and zippered pockets on the back of the canopies where you can fit your diaper bag with ease. There is additional storage deep in addition to easy to access pockets on the back seats. The back pockets are quite handy because they are relatively larger in size than the other pockets.

The canopies serve as protection from the sun as well as from the rain. They are easy to open and remain strong under stress.

The double stroller’s chairs tip as far back as 33 degrees, which will make riding in the stroller more fun and comfortable. Seats can recline to 24 degrees back by using a pull strap on the back of the seat. Each chair can be adjusted individually. The chairs are made of lightweight fabric that is water resistant

Maneuverability on hard level surfaces is easy. The Britax B-Agile is easy to push even with one hand.  The front wheels swivel and they can be locked to make pushing easier especially when transitioning from even surfaces to rough, uneven ground and negotiating the stroller up and down curbs.

There is a single action braking mechanism linked to the back. Once the system is properly set, you can then engage your brakes easily with your foot.

The padded seat is equipped with a 5-point harness with crotch straps and shoulder straps that are fully adjustable. The buckles on the harness are stiff to snap together easily, but for the safety of the child, they are harder to release, so your little one will find it hard to escape.


Setting up the twin stroller can be a bit frustrating for first time users. But there is no rocket science involved, you only need to put your babies down and use both hands to assemble things and to fold the stroller.

The foam filled plastic tires are less durable; they may wear off quickly with regular use in rough terrain.

What customers are saying?

In general, most Britax stroller reviews praised how Even though lack of cup holders is a shame, the storage compartments are quite spacious and handy. And, they are easy to access from all sides except from the top.


The Britax B-Agile does what it is meant to do. It offers comfort and is safe. It is not exactly a luxurious comfortable stroller but it makes up for not having all the bells and whistles found in some baby stroller by being durable, efficient and reliable. Finally, it’s is the best stroller for twins that we recommended.