Are you having twins? How do you carry them when going out? My older sister have 2 children at the same age and she is difficult in managing to bring both of them whenever travelling. Sometimes, she complained with me that it is hard for her to carry her twins, and she did not know to do.

Until I suppose her to use a double stroller to carry her beloved kids, everything becomes easier. Well, she felt very comfortable and safe to place their children on that unit. Even at the first, choosing a suitable double stroller is very difficult because there are so many ones in the market. In the end, she decided to choose Dream On Me Double Twin Stroller that makes her satisfied and happy. If you are tending to get a stroller, let’s experience with this unit today.

Product Description

For those that have ever used Dream On Me, they can exactly understand about this unit. It is a rugged and ultra light-weight unit that is easy for you to control. You can walk along with 2 toddlers with ease and comfort. This is the most interesting thing my old sis loves at this. Moreover, the double stroller comes with a lot of storage for your twins’ necessities. You know, its compact and umbrella style design will make travel easy, safe and fun. As a result, you can totally feel comfortable when carrying your kids on this stroller in any trip.

Just weights 23 pounds, this double stroller include fully reclining seats, 2 adjustable canopies and 5-point harness. In particular, it has rear wheel brakes as well as storage basket that you can put something like snacks, keys, drink easily. I highly appreciate this feature because it helps you carry some small things easily.

What I Like About This Stroller?

Talking about benefits of this unit, I love its construction best. You know, this one comes with a sturdy construction and it can take a beating. The unit also includes darker colors, so you do not have to bother so much about spills or dirt.

In addition, the wheels are wider and thicker than your average umbrella one that makes it very easy to maneuver and also less likely to get caught on uneven surfaces. The unit also has 3 handle designs and you can steer it easily by using any of 3 handles.

Especially, your kids are very comfortable and love sitting next to each other. There is 5 point harness that is very easy to adjustable in order that parents do not need to remember which one belongs to what kid. What are about its basket? My sis loves them so much. The baskets are on the bottom and they are quite small, but they are also big enough to hold the necessities for short run into the store or a trip to the playground.

Another interesting is its grab bar that is very sturdy and can outlast rough kids like her. This one is great for areas or long trips with lots of action and the children need something to hold and grab onto in whereas they may try to learn out of this unit. Actually, this product works as it sounds and my sis is extremely happy with it.

What I Dislike About It?

There are 2 minor cons about this product and I think that they are not considerable. As I said before, it comes with a small basket. Moreover, the shade canopy of the stroller is small too. However, my sis still loves it and believes in this one. Definitely, this is a double stroller that is worth your purchase.

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Customer’s Feedbacks

Before moving on the part of real user’s feedbacks, I would like to admit that this is a great double stroller for your twins. Even any product are 100% perfect, this unit is highly appreciated by a lot of customers.


To be honest, I am impressively interested in this Dream On Me Double Twin Stroller. This unit is like its name that helps you carry your toddlers easily. The product is extremely durable and easy for you to control. Well, let’s take it your own home and give your children like a special gift. Believe that your children will love it so much.