What Is a Family?

It is often difficult to define what is a family today. It used to be that a family consisted of a mother, father and one or more blood-related children. You could also go further into the extended family with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. The makeup of the family is changing today more and more.

There are plenty of married couples (man and woman in this instance) adopting children today. That means these kids are of no blood relation to their parents. But they bond very closely in most cases and you cannot tell the difference in the love that is felt. Some of the kids adopted could be from another country or race too. The couples and the kids still is their answer to what is a family.

Then you have the segmented families today because of divorce. These often times lead to very complicated family structuring when the divorced couple gets remarried to people who have kids too. These so-called blended families can have very complex issues too. But the love for the family is still present underneath it all.

Single parenting is becoming more popular either because of divorce, or the single person just wanting to raise a child without the entanglement of marriage. Many a happy child though has been raised with just one parent, whether it involves a mother or a father. It can work but it takes extra effort.

Gay singles and gay couples are adopting today or finding methods to conceive children. This also is a definition for what is a family today. Children need love and these singles or couples love them just like the traditional parent or parents do. A child should not be cheated out of a loving family.

Now we did touch on single parenting above but not for reasons of one parent dying. This can be hard on the family unit. All members then have to band together for support. The love for each other though can get the members through this though. You have to consider this in as part of a family description though.

There are those cases where people are such good friends that they become family in their own way. People can develop deep relationships with others over the year to where the same love exists between them that is in a family, which all are all related or adoptions have been made.

Whichever Your Family Is

Whichever of these descriptions your family fits, it is fine. Just make sure to have good communication within yours, lots of love and mutual respect. This will make for a lot of happiness and good times. It is a big commitment to start a family and it grow into a happy unit.

Through patience, love and work you can make idea of what is a family be successful. Life is too short not to enjoy a good relationship with all members of your family. So work on it today, whatever it takes. Normally it just takes acceptance of the other person and understanding each one’s role in the family.


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